RE-Tool Hydromat Legacy Machines

Configure your tooling to match your needs.

RE-Build Hydromat Machines

From rewiring to complete overhauls.

RE-Purpose Hydromats

Integrate your Legacy machine in new processes.

RE-Invest in Hydromat Legacies

Maximize your Hydromat Legacy investment.

Focused on Legacy Hydromat Machines


The team at Hydromat-RE are dedicated to finding the best use for your Legacy Hydromat machine. We are skilled and experienced in working with the Hydromat rotary transfer machines specializing in RE-tooling, RE-building and RE-purposing, so you can RE-invest in your Legacy Hydromat.

Whether you’re in need of a complete RE-build to upgrade your existing Hydromat to like new condition or looking to purchase a used Hydromat, we are your one-stop solution.

Hydromat-RE is also focused on component repair and testing, new Hydromat Legacy parts, durable tooling packages and machine installation all with factory documentation.

Hydromat-RE and Component Bar Merge


On September 23rd, 2019, the owners of Hydromat-RE and Component Bar Products signed an agreement to combine their respective Hydromat machine rebuild businesses into one entity. Going forward this new venture will be known as Hydromat-RE.

The merger of these two companies results in an expanded base of knowledge, a larger stock of new and refurbished parts & machines, as well as multiple locations to better serve customers’ needs. Hydromat Inc. and Hydromat-RE are now uniquely positioned to support all aspects of the Hydromat machine life cycle; from new state of the art technology with the EPIC and Eclipse brands, to any and all refurbishment, retool or rebuild of all legacy and early CNC variants. Hydromat Inc. now offers both the new EPIC II platform, and EPIC HF platform featuring Fanuc Controls. Hydromat-RE will add EPIC CNC controlled units to Legacy machines.

Direct access to Hydromat OEM parts and technical support.


  • Complete RE-builds to factory specification

  • Partial machine RE-builds – based on your needs

  • RE-tool or RE-purpose your Hydromat Legacy to a new part or configuration

  • Component repair and test services

  • Inventory of used Hydromat Legacy machines in stock ready for your project.

  • EPIC RS additions to Legacy machines

  • New Legacy parts at competitive prices

  • Durable tooling packages

  • Used and/or reconditioned Hydromat parts & equipment

  • In field machine inspection services

  • Hydromat OEM support and documentation

  • Machine moves, relocation, installation with Hydromat trained and certified technicians

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